A unique sailing holiday

You can already feel it: that wind in your hair, the sea air in your lungs and the seductive sense of adventure! There is little to do that is so adventurous and relaxing at the same time as a sailing holiday on a beautiful sailing ship. On board a historic sailing clipper you will experience real sailor’s life.

We hoist the sails together and set the course for the adventure. During this unique sailing holiday we explore the Wadden Sea, we dry out and moor the Wadden Islands. What more can you expect from this unique sailing holiday? We are happy to tell you that!

Adventurous sailing holiday on board

At Noordvaarder sailing trips you can choose from two ships: the Victoria S. and the Noordvaarder. The Noordvaarder is a beautiful clipper with room for 26 guests during a sailing holiday. The Victoria S. is a Stevenaak with room for 24 guests during a sailing holiday. Both ships have a unique and personal history and character. You can click here to read more about the history of our sailing ships, but you will only really experience the character when you are on board.

Falling dry while sailing

During the sailing holiday we will (if the weather permits) also dry out. This is a unique experience! When the tide comes in, the seawater slowly drains. The ship sinks to the bottom of the Wadden Sea! When the water is gone, we disembark and explore the bottom of the sea. We see all kinds of sea animals crawling on the bottom and we select the most beautiful sea shells. Once the tide starts to rise again, we step on board again. When there is enough water under the ship again, we hoist the sails together and go on to the next adventure!

Sailing arrangements at Noordvaarder Zeilreizen

There are several sailing packages to choose from at Noordvaarder Zeilreizen. Sailing trips of a day, a weekend, a midweek and a week are offered. In addition, you can make the holiday as active or relaxing as you want. Sail along as a full member of the crew or relax in the saloon or on deck with a good book. View our sailing trips here. Do you have questions about a sailing package or would you like more information about the possibilities at Noordvaarder Zeilreizen? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Adventurous sailing holiday on board