Daytrip Sailing

Sail a day on board of this tough Lady. Relax and breath the fresh air on the Wadden Sea or IJsselmeer with friends, family or colleagues! Under the guidance of the experienced crew you can take the ropes and help hoisting the sails, shots, and navigate. 

In addition to active sailing there certainly is time to relax and socialise. Depending on the weather and tide we may fall dry on a quiet sand bank, visit Terschelling or Vlieland or get a fish and chips in Makkum.

The delights on board are served with fresh products in the galley by the ship's cook. Let yourself be pampered! This can be from very simple to very luxurious. We appreciate to compile the daily menu, special tailor-made to meet all your requirements.

This inspiring and adventurous day is fully organised and you can enjoy wind, water and sailing.