Become friends of the Noordvaarder & Victoria S

Support our sailing ships, a beautiful piece of cultural heritage, which must remain ashore in this difficult weather …

The fund: “Friends of the Noordvaarder & Victoria S”

Since 2000 we have been guided by wind & tide on board the beautiful Noordvaarder. The Victoria S has also been part of our fleet since 2017. The Noordvaarder was built in 1909 in Lemmer and the Victoria S in Kinderdijk in 1882. Both as a sailing freighter. We ensure that these historic sailing ships of more than 100 years old can survive. We don’t do that alone! This is made possible by all guests who sail with us over the Waddenzee and the IJsselmeer! We are very grateful for this and over the years both we and our ships have made many friends.

Since march 2020, our ships have unfortunately been in heavy weather and we have had to close the doors because of the Corona virus in the world. Nobody had foreseen this. We are waiting for the measures to be relaxed. But on board the 1.5 meter rule cannot be enforced in such a way that we can sail together with our groups. Both in terms of space inside, but also because of the safety on board when sailing is not feasible. Sailing on board is real teamwork!

Ultimately, we all want the same thing: that our ships can sail the Dutch waters for a long time and that a piece of cultural heritage will be preserved. That is why we have set up the “Friends of Noordvaarder sailing trips” fund. You can help our ships by donating to the maintenance of our old sailing ships. By registering as a friend and making a donation you can help us keep these ships above water in this storm.

Even if the storm has subsided again, you will of course remain a friend of the ships! We will keep you informed of all developments and our plans! There are still so many ideas in the barrel! As soon as we can sail a bit wider, we will thank the donors in a nice way.

It would be nice if everyone who has made unforgettable memories on board our two sailing ships makes a small contribution to these more than 100 year old sailing ships. So that we can make new memories together in the coming years.

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As a “friend of Noordvaarder Zeilreizen” you support the ships in their existence!

How can you donate?

You can transfer an amount as desired to the following account number:

T.n.v. Sailing clipper Noordvaarder or M.J.J. Smeyers. O.v.v. Donation Friends of Noordvaarder Sailing trips
IBAN: NL59RABO0322083613

Let us know by email or the contact form that you have made a donation and then we can process your address details;).

How do you subscribe to the newsletter?

Send us an email or message via our contact form. Then we put your email address on the list!


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