Even if you don’t like sailing

At Noordvaarder sailing trips you can enjoy a wonderful day, weekend or week of sailing. Now you may think: I’ve never sailed before, can I? Or do I like this? If you like sailing, you can indulge on board our historic sailing ships, but if you don’t like sailing, or not all day, then this is no problem. There is much more to do on board!

A means of being together

Not everyone needs to like sailing. You can also enjoy sailing along. Enjoying with the wind in your hair and the feet up, it is all possible. People often think they should be able to sail or that the weekend is all about sailing, but you should see it as a means to be together. You can make it as active as you want. On the Noordvaarder you can actively take control, navigate and steer. Would you rather relax on deck? No problem. Come sunbathe and get a breath of fresh air!

Enjoy outside

A current topic at the moment is the value of being outside. You see that children play outside less and less these days, but adults also spend their time outside less and less. A weekend on a ship of Noordvaarder Zeilreizen gives you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, the sea, the sun and the salty air.

Activities on board

There is plenty to do on our ships, for young and old. Both ships have a modern kitchen, so you can cook or enjoy a drink on the deck. Did you know that even the little ones can have a fantastic adventure on our ships? For the smallest pirates, there is a mudflats chest to discover all the secrets of the mudflats.

Discover the environment

During a weekend or week sailing at Noordvaarder Zeilreizen, the number of hours of sailing in one day is about four hours. There is therefore still enough time to discover other things, such as the Wadden Islands. On the Wadden Islands you can enjoy the picturesque villages and many events and festivals are also organized. So there is also plenty to do for culture lovers.

Convinced and book a sailing trip?

So there is plenty to do for someone who does not like sailing. Think of it as a means to be together and enjoy the healthy fresh air! Would you like to book a sailing trip with Noordvaarder Zeilreizen? Then do not hesitate to contact us.


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