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Sail with us to Texel

Texel is the most famous and largest Wadden Island in the Netherlands. A place where we like to sail with you. The journey starts in our port of departure in Harlingen with the Wadden Sea at your doorstep. The perfect place to start the sailing trip.

We sail over the beautiful Wadden Sea, which is on the World Heritage List for a reason, towards the breathtaking Texel! Did you know that the Wadden Sea also has countless stories to tell? You can read that in our previous blog.

Discover Texel

Once you have arrived on the special island of Texel, you can enjoy everything the island has to offer. Texel is the largest Wadden island and undoubtedly offers the most variety.

Seven cozy villages

Texel has seven villages, each with its own character and attractions. All seven are definitely worth a visit.

Den Burg – The “capital” of Texel with nice shops, cozy terraces and good restaurants.

Cocksdorp – A cozy meeting point for young and old with the symbol of Texel nearby: the lighthouse!

De Koog – The seaside resort of Texel, because only a row of dunes separates the village from the beach and the sea.

De Waal – This is the most centrally located village. The smallest village, but here still really has the atmosphere of earlier times. So definitely worth a visit!

Den Hoorn – The southernmost village surrounded by beautiful nature.

Oosterend – Many people find this the most beautiful village on Texel with the impressive Maartenskerk and picturesque streets.

Het Dennenbos – A place where you can enjoy walking and cycling. Eierland – This is the Northern part of Texel. This is so called because the bird’s eggs were there for the spring.

Flora and Fauna of Texel

In addition to the special villages, Texel has more to offer, namely the flora and fauna of the island. Texel has about 40 fantastic nature reserves where you can enjoy the surroundings on foot or by bike. From jungle-like dune areas to a 30 km continuous wide dune strip to the lighthouse. Along the Wadden dike from the Molenkolk you will find a series of brackish nature areas within the dykes, which provide a haven for birds and special plants. A beautiful area, but don’t forget your boots! On Texel you can see a huge bird wealth, special plants and not to forget as many sheep as people.

Are you sailing with us to Texel?

Have you also wanted to discover beautiful Texel? Sail with us on one of our beautiful sailing ships. You can spend the night on board and use the full ship galley to prepare delicious meals. Of course you can also choose to be pampered by our ship’s cook.

Are you sailing with us? We know the way!

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