The corona crisis: our industry has also been hit hard!

Exceptional times, that is what we live in now. The children have to stay home from school, they can no longer play with friends and we as adults have to stay indoors. No more dining out, with the family to the zoo or a drink on the terrace. Time seems to stand still for our industry.

Although normally our ships start sailing again in March, in April Fleet Day in Harlingen is always one big party, this year is unfortunately completely different. This sailing season everything is in the water and we literally have to see where the ship is stranded.

The most beautiful sailing trips at Noordvaarder Sailing trips

This spring was all about beautiful sailing trips. Enjoy the first rays of the sun and the wind in your sails. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus has thrown a spanner in the works and we have to cancel all sailing trips for this spring, but this is with pain in our hearts. We live for charter and have worked very hard these months to prepare the ships for the coming sailing season.

Health is what counts now!

The health of everyone in the Netherlands is what is important now, so we also say: stay indoors. Now try to enjoy the people who are close to you, your family, your family. And as soon as everything is allowed again, try to appreciate those ‘normal’ things again. From getting an ice cream at the local snack bar, having a bite to eat at that nice restaurant around the corner or with the whole family to the zoo. There are so many fun things you can do in the Netherlands. That is why we would like to ask you to think about this summer and in the autumn, those local and national entrepreneurs who have worked hard to start a company, but are now in serious trouble due to the corona crisis. Support them where possible and for us and our industry: go on holiday in your own country this summer!

#vakantieineigenland and support us!

Do you want to help us support the companies in our industry? Then place a photo with your best memory of a holiday or a trip in your own country with the #VakantInEigenLand and let us know that you are thinking of us!

Hopefully we will see you on one of our ships this summer and this autumn. Enjoy the sun rays on our face and the wind in your sails together. On to a new adventure.

Sail with us, we know the way!



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