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Vacancy: sailor on traditional sailingship

We are looking for a sailor for this sailing season for both sailing ships Victoria s and Noordvaarder from Harlingen. The sailing area is Waddenzee & IJsselmeer.

We sail week/weekend sailing trips. Our guests sail to the Wadden Islands and towns on the IJsselmeer, learn and help with sailing on board, prepare their own meals in our galley and have a great time on board. The group size has been adjusted to the COVID-19 measures.

What is your job? Leading the guests during the sailing, entertaining the guests, maintenance of the ship and you also have quite a bit of free time on the islands to go out yourself!

Experience is nice but not obligated! We can train you to become a sailor. Or if you would like to become a skipper, you can gain experience with us. We would like to teach you the intricacies of this beautiful profession. People on board have leisure time so want to enjoy it. Do you like sailing, working with people and an irregular life? Are you social, can you lead a group, are you enthusiastic, not a 9-5 mentality, flexible and eager to learn? Age 20-35 years. Then contact us!

  • A ‘normal’ season runs from March to October / November. However, we do not yet know how this season will be due to COVID-19. That is why we would like to arrange this in consultation with you.
  • Fixed term contract.
  • You can live on board.
  • We offer a good salary and practical training to become a sailor or skipper.

Feel free to contact us by email or telephone for a no-obligation conversation.

Michael is skipper on board the Noordvaarder and Philip is the skipper on board the Victoria S. Philip came on board  as a sailor on the ships of Noordvaarder Zeilreizen in February 2018 and is now so experienced that he will sail the Victoria S independently as skipper!


Michael : 06-51438486

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