Holiday house at Friesland

Relax by the sea and spend the night on a very special historic sailing ship! These are of course super nice ingredients for a holiday in your own country!

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Book a sailing trip in the time of the Coronavirus …

From June 1, 2020 we can sail again with groups of up to 30 people. With us on board you are in the fresh air all day long! Read more

Corona Protocol on board our ships

How do we deal with Corona? After months of uncertainty, the bullet has finally passed through the church; from 1 June 2020 we can hoist the sails again! We keep a close eye on the developments surrounding the Coronavirus.

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Become friends of the Noordvaarder & Victoria S

Support our sailing ships, a beautiful piece of cultural heritage, which must remain ashore in this difficult weather … Read more

The corona crisis: our industry has also been hit hard!

Exceptional times, that is what we live in now. The children have to stay home from school, they can no longer play with friends and we as adults have to stay indoors. No more dining out, with the family to the zoo or a drink on the terrace. Time seems to stand still for our industry.

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An educational school trip in Friesland

At Noordvaarder Sailing trips, the school trips are of course about having fun together with classmates, enjoying the beautiful ship and nature, but don’t forget that these kinds of school trips are also very educational in other areas. Read more

Information about the Corona virus

Of course, as a shipping company, we are on top of developments regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we take all measures to prevent health risks. Read more

Enjoy Ameland!

Ameland, a beautiful Wadden island. Come and enjoy everything that this special island has to offer with Noordvaarder Zeilreizen. The Wadden Island Ameland is a nice island to go for a day, but because there is so much to do, it is perfect to stay much longer! Read more

Even if you don’t like sailing

At Noordvaarder sailing trips you can enjoy a wonderful day, weekend or week of sailing. Now you may think: I’ve never sailed before, can I? Or do I like this? If you like sailing, you can indulge on board our historic sailing ships, but if you don’t like sailing, or not all day, then this is no problem. There is much more to do on board! Read more

Oh no, it’s going to rain!

You have planned a wonderful day of sailing with the children. The night before you are already busy packing the bags. You don’t want to forget anything! The children have been looking forward to this wonderful adventure for a long time and you just as much. Read more