Safety for people and the environment is of great importance. In addition to a skilled helmsman with many years of experience, the other accompanying staff are also skilled and aware. Major maintenance is carried out annually in the winter to ensure that the sailing ships are in good condition, as well as the rigging of the right quality. This maintenance is then followed by the annual inspection and certification by a recognized inspection agency.

This winter, the mast and rigging of the ships were also additionally inspected by ilent and found to be approved. ilent issues the certificates and puts the approved ships on an online list so that you can check this.

Without this approval, charter ships are not allowed to sail and that is a good thing. Your well-being comes first!

Lient examination

On ilent you will find an overview of certified sailing historic passenger ships for the transport of more than 12 people. Our ships are also regularly checked by ilent. These ships, also called the Brown Fleet, have:

  • A valid Certificate of Examination.
  • A valid Certificate of Rigging.

These ships also successfully completed the physical part of the additional investigation, and any necessary adjustments were carried out.

Click on the button below to go to this official overview of approved ships. The Noordvaarder is listed as “Noordvaarder”, the Victoria S can also be found on this list.