Ebb and flow on the Wadden Sea

Have you ever heard of the term ‘drying up’?

That’s when we’re on board one of our ships while the tide is out. This means that all the water starts to flow away from parts of the Wadden Sea and we end up at the bottom of the sea. The flow of water does not just happen, it has to do with the tide. The forces of attraction of the sun and moon cause the water to rise and sink periodically. It is an unforgettable experience to discover a ‘new world’ at the bottom of the sea during low tide. Are you coming with us?

Falling dry with Noordvaarder Sailing trips

It may sound a bit exciting: being stranded at the bottom of the sea. But on board one of our ships it will be a magical event. When the water has subsided, we disembark and go on a voyage of discovery. We spot seals that are sunbathing, we collect shells and see small crabs running around. Drying is an unforgettable experience for young and old. A moment when you have nowhere to go, that gives freedom!

Our experiences with ebb and flow on the Wadden Sea

One of the biggest advantages of many sails is that we have already experienced a lot of ebb and flow in the Wadden Sea. And we want to share the indescribable feeling of freedom that you get while drying up with everyone! There is something for everyone when drying out. You can enjoy exploring the seabed or enjoy a delicious snack and drink, provided by the ship’s cook. Our crew can tell you fun facts and interesting information about the Wadden Sea and the seabed. So feel free to ask all your questions!

Noordvaarder takes you along during high and low tide on the Waddenzee

Have you always wanted to experience dryness? Do you want to experience the ebb and flow on the Waddenzee? Then this is your chance! During our weekend, midweek and week sailing trips we take all the time to get dry. On board one of our beautiful sailing ships you will discover the secrets of the Wadden Sea. Click here for an up-to-date overview of all sailing trips. Would you like to book a sailing trip right away? You can do that here! Feel free to take a look at all our sailing trips or contact one of our employees without obligation. Would you like to get acquainted with our sailing ships? Then we would like to introduce you to The Noordvaarder and The Victoria S.

Falling dry with Noordvaarder Sailing trips