Travelling information Sailing Clipper De Noordvaarder

Useful information to know before boarding:

The crew

We can be reached at the following telephone number.
You can always contact us if you have any questions:

Michael 06-51438486

Parking tips

≈ All in Parking: 06-11341576

We recommend that you reserve the number of parking spaces in advance.

Food and drinks

You can read all information about food & drinks on board the sailing ships here.

Beer Tap

There is a beer tap. You can buy on board 20 litres (and on request in advance, 50 litres) Jupiler beer containers. It is useful to specify this in advance so that we have sufficient on board anyway. It is not allowed to bring your own beer containers. Beer crates are of course allowed.

Bring your own on board

Bring your own: sleeping bag, towels, tea towels, dishcloths, detergent / brush, toilet paper, herbs, etc. On request we can of course take care of this for you! Prices can be read here.


The beds are always clean with a bottom sheet and pillow with pillowcase. On request we can provide duvets with cover, towels and washcloths. You can read the prices here.


For health and safety reasons, it is forbidden to smoke below deck. This is allowed on deck and in rain we stretch a rain tent over the cockpit.

Safety & children

Children are always very welcome on board! Sailing is for young & old. We have enough life jackets on board, but to ensure that the correct size is available, we would like to hear the numbers in advance. There is a camping bed can be put on request.

Final cleaning

At the end of the voyage the ship must be left broom clean and the final cleaning will be bought off. The price for this can be found here and is paid in cash on board.

Are there any questions? Do not hesitate and contact us.

See you on board!