Sailing area and berth

Sailing on the Waddenzee & IJsselmeer

vaargebied NoordvaarderOur harbor of departure is Harlingen with the Waddenzee in front of us. This lively sea town has a lot of culture and history and is a perfect place to throw off and start a sailing wander trip over the Wadden, searching for her secrets and moods. The Waddenzee is an unique natural reserve and enjoys the protected status of World Heritage Area. At ebb every day large parts of the Wad fall dry, because of this the sea continuously changes into a land scape of sand banks formed by wind and water. With the wind in the sails wandering over the shallows, along the sand banks where seals are sunbathing, through narrow gullies we head for the islands. With our shallowe draft we can explore the farthest corners and fall dry on the most beatiful places. Also the IJsselmeer with the old Zuiderzee harbors is definitely worth visiting. Enkhuizen, Workum, Marken and Hoorn: just a small selection of the many unique places to head for. With an eye on the weather and tide we mutually agree on the most favourable route.

Sailing on board of the Noordvaarder is characterised by a sportive and adventurous event and there is plenty of room for your own input and needs. All of this assures unique and unforgetable experiences in a good atmosphere. 

Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland en Schiermonnikoog, Workum, Lemmer, Hoorn, Enkhuizen, Amsterdam ....