Sailing on the Wadden Sea

Sailing in the Wadden Sea is the best thing there is, in our opinion. But what is meant by the Wadden Sea? And what exactly is so special about the Wadden Sea? Read on below and get answers to all your questions!

Where is the Wadden Sea?

The Wadden Sea is the inland sea between the Wadden Islands. It lies between the North Sea and the mainland, from both the Netherlands and Germany and Denmark. It is a longer area than you initially think. The Wadden Sea extends all the way between Den Helder in the Netherlands and Esbjerg in Denmark!

The Wadden Sea is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

An area praised for its beautiful features. The long sandbars that emerge let water and the beautiful nature reserves. The Wadden Sea is shallow in many places and the water in the sea is relatively warm. As a result, many types of plants and animals live in the Wadden Sea. There are 250 different types of plants in the Wadden Sea alone. It is also a breeding ground for 10 to 12 million birds per year. It is therefore no surprise that the Wadden Sea was officially added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2009.

The most famous animal of the Wadden Sea is surely the seal. There are two species that have called themselves the Wadden Sea as their home, namely the gray seal and the harbor seal. They used to be hunted and a virus caused a large decrease in the seal population. Fortunately, this was pushed back in the 1980s, and there was an increase in the population.

Do you fancy sailing on the Wadden Sea?

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The Wadden Sea is a UNESCO World Heritage Site