Sailing trips

weekend zeilen

Individual sailing trips

on Friday you are welcome on board from 20.00 hrs onwards. After breakfast and an explanation by the crew we leave and set sail. You may be active by taking the ropes in your hands, navigate or take the helm, but you also may relax on deck from all new impressions
kajakken waddenzee

Sailing and kayaking

Sailing wandering, kayaking on the Wadden Sea and island hopping. A wonderful sailing trip for individual participation. Part of the group will go kayaking and part of the group will go sailing.
hut noordvaarder

Sleeping in a ship with Oerol

Oerol, a phenomenon! For a period of ten days Terschelling has the floor for theatre, dance, street theatre, plastic art and music.

Photography workshop

In 2021 we organize a photography workshop on board our sailing ship the Victoria S on the Wadden Sea.
Yoga zeilreis

Yoga and sailing

Yoga is the ultimate form of training for body and mind. It is the best way to stay relaxed and healthy.

Weekend under sail with friends or family

Would you like to enjoy a weekend of wind and water? Sail with us! We take you to the unique places on the Waddenzee and spend the night on one of the islands: Terschelling, Vlieland, Ameland or Texel with their endless beaches.
weekendje zeilen

Sailing with children

A childrens adventure on bord! Offer your children an unforgetable experience and sail with us on an historical sailingboat. Dry out on the shallows, small crabs, starfish, searching for mussels, spotting seals, swimming and to the beach.

Sailing & kite surfing

An ideal combination of two fantastic watersports! On Friday you fly your kite on the Harlinger beach and already check the water. At the end of the day a hot meal is offered on board and every body is present of the Noordvaarder.
Overnachten Oerol

Sailing to Oerol

We sail you to Oerol, a phenomeneon! For ten days Terschelling is the platform for theater, dance, street theater, fine arts and music.
weekendje zeilen

Autumn vacation: family sailing trip

A whole week outdoors! Get on board with your family and experience a special sailing trip on the Wadden Sea especially for parents and children.

Schooltrip & Sailing

Sailing is a unique experience for young people and students. It promotes individual development and the team spirit of the class!
zeilen waddenzee

Sailing as a team session

Looking for an inspiring location for your awayday? Make it a sailing session! Sail with us on one of our historic sailing ships.
zeilen waddenzee

Sailing weekend with colleagues

Staff trip or company outing sailing! Getting on the water together is team building! Sail for a weekend on board our sturdy sailing ships, get a breath of fresh air on the Wadden Sea or the IJsselmeer with colleagues!
Weekendje zeilen

24 hour brainstorming session at sea

Do you want a brainstorming session at sea? Travel with Noordvaarder Zeilreizen. We know the way! Creativity is central to a brainstorming session!

Teamtraining & Sailing

Team spirit is like the wind ... it is something that simply cannot be explained.. You can't see it, only feel.. but nothing brings you further than the believe in each other's capabilities
samen zeilen

Day out sailing with colleagues

Unique activity for a staff day or company outing on the Wadden Sea, which is a World Heritage Site! Sailing together is team building!
Vergaderen aan zee

Company tour: Teambuilding & Sailing

Invite your colleagues, relations or personnel for a nice day or weekend with sailing on the Wadden Sea. Added value: the informal and inspiring atmospfere and just away from the daily environment.