Schooltrip & Sailing

Sailing is a unique experience for young people and students. It promotes individual development and the team spirit of the class! Sailing, navigation, practise knots and get knowledge of the Waddenzee is where the children are daily up to. Let you have guided by wind and tide and sail with us for several days!

zeilreis schoolreisje zeilen

Full of expectation, the class enters the ship. After the last shopping and explainations on the ins and outs on board we leave the harbour. A global tour planning is mutually agreed, depending on wind, tide and your wishes. In this longer sailing trip is it possible to sail to Terschelling and Vlieland and continue towards to the Oostwad, locking up on a wantij, wait until the water comes back, fall dry and take a look at Schiermonnikoog. But a combination of the Frisian Islands with the unique IJsselmeer towns is definitely also a wonderful alternative. We will tell you about the many possibilities of activities in the ports where we moor. Do you sail with us?