Sea sailing for peace of mind

Overcrowded agendas, deadlines that build up, bringing children to school, traffic jams, cooking, sports, volunteering … in short: busy!

In this everyday hustle and bustle, we often forget how important it is to take time for ourselves. It goes on and on. Do you recognize this and do you want to arrange your relaxing moment now? Then read on. We tell you what sea sailing does to people and how it will help you to relax for a long time.

We all recognize the feeling of unrest.

Unrest is bad for the body. We sleep less, eat more, get stressed, which in many cases can lead to burnout. It is therefore also important to plan a relaxing moment. And preferably one that you can benefit from for a long time, right? That is why a sailing trip is the perfect solution against the stress!

Sea sailing with Noordvaarder Zeilreizen

During one of our sailing trips you will discover an unparalleled feeling of freedom. You step on board in the port city of Harlingen. The moment you are on board, it is as if you have opened the door to another world. As soon as we hoist the sails and set course for the Wadden Sea, all worries fall away from you. The sea breeze refreshes you and the sun shines nice and warm on your face. Sea sailing really starts when the waves move up and down the ship, we tack and we drink our first drink on board.

Learn to sail while sailing

You will also learn to sail with the crew while sailing. You learn what seaman life really means. In the evening you can enjoy a delicious sea meal in the salon or on deck. You can fill in the journey as you want. We will also run dry while sailing on the Wadden Sea. While drying out, we wait patiently until all the water has drained. Then we disembark at the bottom of the sea! When the tide turns again we get on board. As soon as the water is at the right level, we set the course for the next adventure.

The sailing trips of Noordvaarder Sailing trips

At Noordvaarder Zeilreizen you can choose from a wide range of sailing trips. For example, we have trips specifically for families, sailing trips for companies and sailing trips for schools. Do you have a question about a sailing trip or would you like to receive more information about the possibilities? Do not hesitate to contact one of our employees.

The adventure is waiting for you, are you coming?