The best team building activities on board

It is important to nurture the strong team spirit in order to work together effectively as a company. Especially after a holiday period or when the company has gone through a major change. But how do you strengthen the team feeling?

Which team building activities suit you as a company and the people in the team? It is often difficult to choose an activity that has something for everyone. Difficult, but not impossible. That is what a company outing on board a beautiful sailing ship involves. There is something for everyone on board.

Teambuilding activities at Noordvaarder Zeilreizen

The team building activities that are done on board our beautiful sailing ships can be carried out in all shapes and variations. Above all, there is something for everyone. The active people can enjoy the crew while the other is relaxing on deck. It is as active to fill in as you want. On board we can also make the facilities available for a meeting or presentation in between. The catering is also arranged for you. On board you as a team are completely away from the office and the workplace. This way you get to know each other in a different way and after a day of sailing you know exactly what you have in common.

Everything is possible

During a day of team building, everything is possible on board our ships. For example, you can opt for a team training sailing, in which you perform a combination of physical and mental activities aimed at shaping experiential learning. You can also choose an on-board meeting or a 24-hour brainstorming session at sea. But of course it is also possible to just enjoy sailing for a day, or weekend, on board our beautiful ships.

The best team building activities at Noordvaarder

After a day of sailing together you know exactly what to expect from each other. In addition, you learn talents from each other that you may never know from anyone. The team feeling will only be strengthened and you will meet your next challenge with new wind in your sails. At Noordvaarder Zeilreizen we are of course also open to tailor your team building day. Do you have specific wishes or needs? Then please pass them on to us. Feel free to contact one of our employees. We answer all your questions and tell you everything about sailing with companies at Noordvaarder Zeilreizen.

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The best team building activities at Noordvaarder