Day out sailing with colleagues

Unique activity for a staff day or company outing on the Wadden Sea, which is a World Heritage Site! Sailing together is team building!
Our beautiful ships the Noordvaarder and Victoria S are suitable for sailing with small and large groups on the Wadden Sea. When both ships are hired, competition between the two fast ships usually arises on the water! Under the guidance of an experienced crew you can sail the ropes on the Waddenzee or IJsselmeer this day and help lift the sails, attract shots, steer and navigate. Not everyone needs to enjoy sailing. There is plenty of room to relax on deck and for good conversation.

Day program

Around 9.00 am the coffee is ready in the galley with some goodies. The skipper welcomes you and then the moorings are released. The sailor tells a ‘sailing talk’ about safety and the ins and outs on deck. There is plenty of room for those who want to help on deck and steer, and for those who want to relax on deck, there is a comfortable cockpit. A beautiful route is sailed across the Wadden Sea towards the islands and along the many sandbanks of the unique nature reserve that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the middle of the day we drop anchor in a quiet place and enjoy an extensive lunch in this beautiful area. We continue our sailing trip and enjoy a snack and a drink in the afternoon. At the end of the day we moor again in the harbor of Harlingen, enjoy the skipper meal or a luxurious dinner. It is also possible to opt for an overnight stay during the day trip.


The catering on board is provided with fresh products in the galley by the ship’s cook. Be pampered! This can be from very simple to very luxurious. We put together the daily menu so that it meets all wishes. Safety, customer-friendliness and quality are our top priorities.

Capacity of the ships:

  • Day trip Victoria S: up to 30 guests.
  • Multi-day tour Victoria S: maximum 24 guests.
  • Day trip Noordvaarder: maximum 35 guests.
  • Multi-day tour Noordvaader: maximum 26 guests.


Step on board and experience a unique and adventurous company outing, staff day or team day on the Wadden Sea. The sailing trip is fully arranged and everyone can enjoy wind, water, food and sailing. As an organizer you also have your hands free this day, because sailing and catering are provided. You can read the rental prices here and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We like to think along and make a free quote.

Sailing together is team building!

Tip: Our ships are an inspiring meeting location by the sea!

Sailing together is team building!