Photography workshop

In 2021 we organize a photography workshop on board our sailing ship the Victoria S on the Wadden Sea.

The Wadden Sea, water, sandbanks, seals, birds and space. Wind and sail, ebb and flow. The camera does not stand still while sailing over the Wadden Sea. Overviews, details, far, close-up, wide angle, telephoto lens. Skies and light, landscapes and water, enjoyment and work.

Program photography workshop on the Wad

On Friday we leave from the end of the day under sail from Harlingen to a beautiful anchorage where we spend the night. While sailing, there is plenty of photography, photos of the ship and the ships we encounter. Photos can be taken of the sunset and if the sky is fine. The next day we fall dry on a quiet sandbar. This sandbar is a special location for photographing, shapes in the sand, life in the sand, overviews and details. There is something for everyone to photograph. When we have enough water under the keel again, we hoist the sails and set course for one of the Wadden Islands. On Sunday we sail back to Harlingen where we say goodbye to each other.

During the weekend there are several moments for explanation and photography theory and the catering is fully provided.


The weekend period will be announced in early 2020.

Prize photography workshop on the Wad

  • The costs are Euro 295, – p.p.
  • If you want to join without a photo course, the weekend costs Euro 225, –
  • This includes: accommodation on board, food and drink, photo course and course booklet.


Would you like to register for this unique photography workshop or receive more information, please feel free to contact us.

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