Sailing and kayaking

Sailing wandering, kayaking on the Wadden Sea and island hopping. A wonderful sailing trip for individual participation. Part of the group will go kayaking and part of the group will go sailing.

Sailing and kayaking on the Wadden Sea

A wonderful week of wandering on the Wadden Sea and completely away from the hectic on the mainland. Just blow your mind and meet new people. Visit the Wadden Islands, dry up on a sandbar, anchor at sea at night, kayak and sail. Spotting seals, admiring birds and crabs. With the kayak and the sailing ship we look for the most beautiful places in the Wad. Right along the sandbanks and through narrow channels. This under the guidance of an experienced and certified kayak instructor and skipper.

In addition to kayaking, it is also possible to sail. So you can also register if you do not want to kayak! Then you are active in sailing, steering and navigating, but also lazing around and enjoying the view of the sea. Together with a number of kayakers who sail their own course, but also sometimes sail along. In the evening prepare the warm meal together and enjoy the beautiful sunsets and the silence on the mudflats.

Got a sense? Get in touch with us! Step on board with a friend or family member and experience a wonderful holiday on the Wadden Sea. Sailing experience is not necessary.

What will this week look like ?:

We have a look in advance at the tide and it is favorable to visit as many Wadden Islands as possible this week. We go to Vlieland, Terschelling and Ameland anyway. We stay anchored overnight on the Wadden Sea and experience drying up on one of the many sandbanks. On Sunday evening we determine on the basis of the wind forecast whether we will add Schiermonnikoog or Texel to the sailing program. On Sunday evening everyone will come on board the Victoria S and we will meet each other. On Monday, after the sailing explanation, the moorings will be released and we will set course for the Wadden Islands. The kayakers will cover large parts of the tour by kayak and then the Victoria S will be sailed. Even if the canoes are on deck, it will be possible to sail. We look for the most beautiful sailing areas for kayakers. Like under Vlieland, under Terschelling towards the Blauwebalg, Engelsmanplaat etc. The route to be sailed depends on wind and tide and can be adjusted during the week. During this sailing holiday there is enough time to choose your own way on one of the Wadden Islands by bicycle or on foot or to read a good book. On Sunday we sail back to Harlingen where we say goodbye to each other. During the tour we prepare meals together, take care of the purchasing and the ‘housekeeping’.

There is an experienced kayak instructor on board and an experienced skipper and mate on board the Victoria S. Safety and fun are paramount!

Costs & period:

The period before 2021 is yet to be announced.

The price includes food and excl. Drinks € 490.00 for 7 days of enjoying this sailing holiday. During the tour we prepare meals together, take care of the purchasing and the ‘housekeeping’. You bring your own kayak and experience at sea is a requirement.


For reservation of a room, a non-binding option or more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are you sailing with us? We know the way!