Sailing & kite surfing

An ideal combination of two fantastic watersports!

On Friday you fly your kite on the Harlinger beach and already check the water. At the end of the day a hot meal is offered on board and every body is present of the Noordvaarder.

Saturday we early leave the harbour and set the sails. Depending the weather and wind direction we look for a ideal kite location like Terschelling, Vlieland, Makkum Workum Stavoren or Enkhuizen.

At noon the kites can be flied for a fantastic surf session! In the evening the experiences of the day can be discussed accompanied with a drink on board or in a cosy cafe. Sunday morning after a hearty breakfast there is time for a few hours kiting and in the afternoon we sail back to Harlingen.


–> Weekend price Victoria S : 2550,00 euro = 106,25 euro p.p.

–> Weekend price Noordvaarder: 2910,00 euro = 112,00 euro p.p.

It is also possible to go for a week and if the tide is favourable also Ameland and Schier can be reached!

You can book with a group of experienced kiters, but it is also possible to book a trip with starters.

Please contact us for the possibilities and we together prepare a plan for a perfect adventure on the water!

Would you like to kite surf on the Wadden Sea? We know the way …