Sailing with children

A childrens adventure on bord! Offer your children an unforgetable experience and sail with us on an historical sailingboat. Dry out on the shallows, small crabs, starfish, searching for mussels, spotting seals, swimming and to the beach.

Sailing is also suited for the very small pirates on bord of our sailing ships. Pleasure and safety are paramount:

  • Life jackets are available for every body.
  • the railing around the ship is equipped with a safety net so that also the very small children can freely walk around.
  • we have available a harness to safe guard a small pirate with a line. In this way our own children learned their first steps on bord too.
  • the safe sitting area (pillows availble) is large and comfortable for young and old. Children can freely walk around.
  • there is a large stainless steel gangway with railing available for boarding and disembarking.
  • in the evening the deck light illuminates the deck outside sufficiently

How does such a weekend look like?

The adventure sailing with children starts on Friday from 18.00 hours onwards and you get aquinted with the crew. Together with you we determine the destination. Afterr breakfast on Saturday the ropes are loosened and after an explaination the sails are hoisted. You can be active yourself by pulling the ropes, navigate or take the steering wheel. But there is also plenty of time to relax and enjoy the nature or chat with your family and friends. The children can fully assist on deck during the sailing trip, the sailing theory will be explained and they learn making sailor knots and bracelets. They are guided by a crew member. After a nice sailing trip across the Waddenzee in the course of the afternoon we moore in the harbour of Terschelling or Vlieland. Than, there is still sufficient time to discover the island by foot, by (cargo)bike or just with a bucket and scoop to the beach or stay in the harbour with the kids for crab catching and searching for starfish. Being in the open air and fresh sea breeze makes hungry, so at the end of the day we offer the possibility to fire the BBQ to finish a beautiful day. After having spend some time on the beach or in the dunes, on Sunday some where in the morning the sails will be set again for the trip back to Harlingen were the ship will moore again in teh afternoon and we say good bye to each other.

Weekend or a week?

You can go for a weekend as described above, but it is also possible to book a sailing holiday and join a week sailing together with a number of households or families. Together with you we plan the sailing route to the islands. Perhaps we can combine it with a few of the historic harbours on the IJsselmeer like Enkhuizen, Hoorn, Stavoren, Makkum, Workum or Medemblik. Dry out on the shallows is such an unique experience for young and old that you may not miss. We take you to the most beautiful sand banks and stay the night on anchor.


You can read the cost for rent of the ships here. In spring and autumn you may have a 10% discount on the sailing trip. Prices are inclusive crew, harbour fee and tourist tax but exclusive final cleaning (105 euro) and catering. We can arrange this as you wish through our ships cook de Schippersvrouw. We wiil be glad to offer you a nice proposal for the ship meals.

Come on board for discovery trip full of sailing, conviviality and childrens adventures that always will be remembered by the small pirates! Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

*** we are still busy with the planning for 2018 to offer a composed sailing trip at which a familiy can subscribe.
When you are interested please contact us for more details and planning.

Sailing with children, a marvelous childrens’ adventure!