Sleeping in a ship with Oerol


Attention! You cannot book with us for Oerol in 2022.

Oerol, a phenomenon! For a period of ten days Terschelling has the floor for theatre, dance, street theatre, plastic art and music.

The performances are specially prepared or adapted for the particular locations. From large pageant pieces to mime, from intimate music theatre to hilarious circus performances, from westerns to interactive installations.We have a nice arrangement for you.

If you are looking for a place to spend the night during Oerol, the Noordvaarder and Victoria S sleepers are at the right place. We are happy to arrange your overnight stay during our Oerol on Terschelling on board our ship, including breakfast. You stay on board with many other Oerol visitors and meet new people. There is a relaxed, informal atmosphere on board the ships and there is often a chat together on deck while enjoying a snack and a drink. Take a look here to get an impression of the ship.

Group accommodation during Oerol

It is also possible to rent our ships as group accommodation during Oerol. For more information or reservations please contact us.

Oerol .. A phenomenon to which we sail you!