Teamtraining & Sailing

“Team spirit is like the wind … it is something that simply cannot be explained.. You can’t see it, only feel.. but nothing brings you further than the believe in each other’s capabilities.. “.

Sailing seems to have little to do with the work situation, but the extraordinary non-routine situations in which the participants are placed for assures that they can not flee into into business rules and routines. They learn to take an own responsibility to address others and to let address themselves. It is experienced immediately what it means if a link in the whole chain does not cooperate, but also not is activated, namely that the end result is negatively affected.

The method of sailing is characterized by a combination of physical and mental activities aimed at shaping of experiential learning. The participants get as team, commands to execute with the sailing ship. They learn the necessary skills in advance of the skipper and the mate, who at all times secure the safety of the participants and the ship.

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Sailing together is team building!