Weekend under sail with friends or family

Would you like to enjoy a weekend of wind and water? Sail with us! We take you to the unique places on the Waddenzee and spend the night on one of the islands: Terschelling, Vlieland, Ameland or Texel with their endless beaches. Weather permitting we may also anchor at sea or on a sand bank.

This weekend you let yourself be guided by wind and tide and you can leave the everyday worries behind you.

You can actively sail and handle the ropes or take the helm, but you can also have a chat and drink on the deck, let yourself be inspired by the beautiful surroundings or just stare at the horizon.

You’re free to prepare extensive meals this weekend, but you can also enjoy the creations of our experienced ship’s cook.

In addition to the sailing we offer the possibility of an active and adventurous way to explore the island. Such as kite surfing, mountain biking, blow-karten, rafting, discover the North Sea coastline with a Land Rover and much more!

Do you join us?

Food & drinks on board

During the weekend sailing on the Waddenzee you can prepare your own meals in the fully equipped galley. But the catering can also be fully provided. The ship’s cook strengthens our team, if you choose to outsource the preparation of the meals. She has a lot of experience with the goings-on in the galley and uses fresh regional products to prepare her dishes. It is possible to choose a simple pasta, casserole or stew, but you can also be pampered with a multi-course dinner and a matching wine arrangement. In consultation we compile the menu as desired. There is a beer tap on both ships.

Price weekend sailing

You can book a weekend sailing on board one of our ships from 106.00 euros per person based on full occupancy of the ship, excluding catering. In the spring and autumn you benefit from a 10% discount on the sailing trip. You can read the rental prices of both ships here. There are no additional costs.

Contact & booking

Would you like to book, place an option without obligation or do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to think along with you to create unforgettable memories during a weekend sailing with us on board!

Below an impression of a sailing trip